At Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited we believe that our continual investment in the future trades people of our industry is vital to it’s continued growth. As such we value the importance of introducing the next generation of Bricklayers which is why we work closely with the CITB as well as local colleges.

Our aim to become one of the UK’s main provides of skills based apprenticeships in the years to come.

If you, like the 104 apprentices sponsored by Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited in the last 5 years, feel that Bricklaying and the wider Construction Industry are of interest, we would like to hear from you.

At Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited our Apprenticeship scheme provides every participant with the opportunity to work with the brightest and best in the UK Construction industry. Our plan is that their journey to becoming a tradesman with a globally recognised qualification will an exciting and eye-opening experience.


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